Wednesday Music (On A Thursday)

So, I forgot to post Wednesday Music yesterday. Today’s piece is String Quintet No. 3, G. 339, Op. 39/3 by Luigi Boccherini. I really hope I have the name of it correct because the recording I have identifies it by a different number. The internet says what I wrote is right, though, so we’ll just go with that. Here’s a bit about it.

  • This quintet is scored for two violins, a viola, and two cellos. Unlike Mozart’s string quintets, which have two violas and one cello, Boccherini used two cellos—probably because he was a cellist!
  • Also unlike the Mozart string quintets, Boccherini wrote this one in three movements, not four as Mozart often did.
  • In all of the movements, the cello often has the melody. Usually in string quartets or quintets, the violin has the melody. Again, I’m guessing this was because Boccherini was a cellist. Mozart was a violinist (before he decided to focus more on the piano), so he gave us some nice violin melodies in his chamber music.


Or click here to see on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Music (On A Thursday)

  1. Thanks, Natalie! It’s a lovely quintet, and cheered up my day to hear it here. It is indeed op. 39 no. 3 (Gérard 339) (and was also published under various other opus numbers). Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yay, I’m glad I got it right, and am even more thrilled that you actually knew it! I guess I need to find more readers who are music professors, LOL. 🙂 Have you played any Boccherini before?


      1. 🙂 I’ve played a few of the cello sonatas, and of course the famous minuet … actually did a cello-and-organ arrangement of it recently! 🙂 We also like to play the _Passa Calle_ every now and then. (This one: And you? Have you played much Boccherini on the violin?


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