How Many Summers, How Many Winters!

Hello, comrades! The title of this post is the literal translation of the Russian equivalent of the expression in English “Long time no see.” The expression is Сколько лет, сколько зим [skolko let, skolko zim] and I’ve always liked it. Luckily it’s a bit of an exaggeration in this case, as the season hasn’t changed since the last time I blogged. (It has been almost three weeks, which is sort of embarrassing!)

Anyway, three weeks ago I took a short vacation, then I checked out a bunch of books from the library and have been reading a lot. What else is new, right?! I even started to neglect my own writing because I was reading so much, which is a problem I’ve had before. I started to not miss my blog so much and I even considered not blogging again. (Though I would have come back to say goodbye if I’d made the decision to quit.)

I think part of the problem is blogging hasn’t been fun for me recently because I haven’t been writing what I want to write. I know I’ve changed my blogging focus a lot since I first started this blog four five years ago. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, though, because people change. Their interests evolve. Heck, many blogs aren’t even in existence after five years. I guess it’s a good thing I’m still writing after all this time.

Ultimately, I was sad at the prospect of quitting blogging, so I think I’m going to keep it up. I’m going to worry less about what I post, though. I know I have an audience (and I love my readers!) to consider, but this is a personal blog and I want to have fun writing it. 🙂 For example, I stopped posting my writing reports because I was worried they were too boring. I liked writing them, though, and I liked publicly committing to and talking about my fiction writing, so I think I’m going to bring those back. I also like writing about Russian literature, culture, and history, so I want to do more posts of that nature, too.

Anyway, I’m back. Or as we’d say in Russian, я вернулась [ya vernulas]. And I promise if I do decide to quit blogging, I will make a final post informing you of the decision. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s kind of sad when people abandon their blogs and don’t say why.


8 thoughts on “How Many Summers, How Many Winters!

  1. Welcome back! 🙂 I’m totally with you on feeling sad when a blogger disappears without a goodbye. I get that blogs aren’t meant to last forever, but we’re all just readers and we hope for some kind of ending or resolution, I guess.

    Also, even not being a writer myself, I really enjoy your writing reports. It’s motivating to see other people being productive or figuring out how to overcome a slump. Looking forward to your future posts, Natalie!


      1. If you read my “blog”, you’d know that day-to-day life in Ukraine is what I actually dread and try to escape from, and certainly won’t write about it.


      2. I certainly didn’t mean anything bad by it, just to be clear… 🙂 I’m sorry you feel that way about life over there. If only you could immigrate here and we could speak Russian and English.

        By the way, I’m working on some posts about life in the American South.


  2. Would it be strange if I said I was having similar thoughts about my own blog? I mean, it’s only been around for six months. But recently I’ve gotten the feeling that blogging isn’t as fun as it used to be. IDK why. Maybe it’s because I need to write more book reviews and less of the other stuff.


    1. Nope, I definitely don’t think it’s weird. In general, blogging used to be WAY more fun before there were social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Don’t get me wrong—I think Twitter is fun. But it can take away from the fun of blogging, if that makes sense. You’ve got Twitter and Goodreads competing for your attention, so I completely understand what you mean.

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