The Writing Reports Are Back! August Writing Report

As the title of this post says, the writing reports are back! I haven’t done one all year. I thought people didn’t like them. Then I decided I wanted to write them again because I enjoy it—and a commenter said she likes them too. (Thanks, Katya!) So here is August’s writing report, complete with a graph I whipped together in Apple Numbers, the spreadsheet program I use on my home computer. Its graphing functions are so confusing compared to Microsoft Excel, which is what I use at work, so the graph definitely isn’t the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see. Hopefully I will learn how to make graphs prettier in the future…

In August, I wrote a total of 18,979 words, which is an average of 612 words per day. That’s not too bad, especially considering I missed more days than I care to admit (13, if you’re curious). The graph below shows it in visual form. I couldn’t figure out how to get the date to show on the x-axis. Apple is totally failing me right now by making that so difficult to do!

August Word Count

As you can see, there are awkward gaps followed by some pretty decent spikes.

Now, onward to September!