Thank You!

I want to thank the person (people?) who shared my post about language learning that I wrote last week. From what I can tell, it’s been shared on Facebook (on Sunday, I think), which resulted in quite a few visits to said post and this blog in general. Seriously, I really appreciate it when my readers share things on this blog. Unfortunately, I can’t tell every single time someone shares something—it doesn’t usually produce the huge spike in traffic I recently had. But no matter how many (or how few) people visit the blog as a result of something shared on social media, I do appreciate it.

Thank you! / Спасибо! / Дякую! / Хвала! (I think that covers all the Slavic languages I’ve studied at some point in time!)


10 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. One post from my blog about music printing in the Renaissance went viral on facebook and twitter. Was not expecting it. That is why I have invested much of my writing online in writing in my research blog. Much more fun than facebook and things stay there, they dont disapear hours later. After reading one of your earlier posts about fb, it is difficult trying to understand why peopke share stuff on fb. Im grateful for people to share what I write a liking it on fb, but I get more feedback from the wp community.

    1. I agree! I just do not like Facebook at all! I am grateful when people share my work on there. Back when I had it, I shared interesting things I read, too. But I just don’t like the site or its policies. I absolutely LOVE WordPress! I actually switched over from a self-hosted site to here so I could be part of the wp community.

      Edited to add: which post of yours went viral? I’d love a link so I could read it!

      1. Yeah, WordPress and its community is pretty great! When I was thinking of where to make a home for Russia Reviewed, I picked WP over Blogger, LiveJournal and a self-hosted site.

      2. Self-hosted can be great too because of all the FREEDOM you have. But it can be a pain to maintain, especially if you aren’t a big shot commanding huge advertising fees. Ultimately it wasn’t worth it to me to be self-hosted, so I came here.

        This is the link. I also agree. I basically use facebook for my concert/conference events… and for sharing the links to my blog posts. I’m very happy with wp, stuff stays in archive and I can share a post I wrote 2 years ago (i.e.) about a musical work, edit it or anything else. And I am getting quite a lot of feedback from the wp people that follow the blog, even from the academic/musicological people I know do not have fb. Nice.

    2. Much more fun than facebook and things stay there, they dont disapear hours later.
      Basically my feelings toward Twitter. I have a Twitter but tend not to use it much anymore. Whenever I promote my work there, it’s on the feed for about an hour and then vanishes into the poorly indexed archives forever.
      I’ve never had a Facebook, and probably never will.

      1. Yes, Twitter is basically the same… I could say, more ephemerous than fb. I try to “pursuade” some of my friends who post really long but very interesting texts on fb, to start a blog. Like twitter, it wasn’t built for blog texts. You write something and, after a while, it’s history, like you said J.T.

      2. OMG you are amazing for never having had a Facebook. I know a few people who haven’t, but they’re few and far between. Even I had one for years! Everyone in my high school got one, so I signed up circa 2006 or so. I’m so glad I left, though. So, so glad.

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