September 2016 Writing Report

Obligatory writing instrument.
Obligatory writing instrument.

Happy October, everyone! It’s finally started to cool off where I live—thank goodness—now that October is here. And a new month means it’s time for a writing report. I’m happy to say that September was a pretty good month for me, writing-wise. I wrote a total of 22,885 words, which is an average of 763 a day. That’s actually my best average this year! I took eleven days off from writing, which is pretty good since that means I had some pretty good word counts on the the days I wrote. (My highest was 3,357, in case you’re wondering.)

I also started working on a new short story at the end of the month (it’s in progress right now and I hope to finish it later this week) that I’m really excited about. I brainstormed the scenes in a different way than I usually do and I feel like it’s a stronger piece already. I plan to submit it to magazines, so if it gets published, I’ll announce it on the blog.

Who’s ready for a busy month of writing in October?! It’s the month before NaNoWriMo, which means if you’re participating, it’s probably time to start outlining…


4 thoughts on “September 2016 Writing Report

  1. I envy your productivity. For me, even 300-word blog post can be very hard to write, and by then I’m exhausted.
    Another idea: what’s stopping us from creating NaDoWriMo (Natinal Doorstopper Writing Month – the goal is to write a book the size of a George RR Martin’s book. In a month)?


  2. Wow! You go girl!
    I sure wish I could be writing fiction right now. I’ve come up with five interesting novel concepts which I’m currently trying to narrow down and flesh out. Unfortunately, I can’t do much with them at the moment aside from worldbuilding – I blame my studies.
    Give me ten years or so and maybe something will happen 🙂


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