November Writing Report

Obligatory writing instrument.
Obligatory writing instrument.

Welcome to the November Writing Report! November was a strange month for writing. I didn’t do NaNoWriMo—not this year—but a lot of people I follow on Twitter did. They were racking up huge word counts while I had… 0, at least for a while.

I had 0 words for nearly the first two weeks of November because I was finishing up an outline. Luckily, that outline is done (I outlined by hand and dang, it took a very long time to do) and I’m actually working on a project, which makes me feel productive again. Outlining is essential to my writing process, but somehow it doesn’t always feel productive. Maybe because it’s difficult to get an accurate word count when you hand-write things. I’m considering doing my next outline on the computer and then printing it out when I’m finished.

Anyway, I wrote 12,986 words in November, which is an average of 433 per day. Though if you only count the days that I was actually writing (i.e. finished with the outline), that average jumps up to 721 per day (I had 18 writing days in November). I like that number better, so we’ll go with that. 😉

Anyway, I’m planning to finish the year strong and keep working on my current project, which is a major rework of a novel I wrote last year. The first version had some… issues, but then I learned a lot more about story structure (though I was aware of story structure, I never really bothered to learn about it until this year, which is very foolish of me!), so this current version has a definite structure, both on the scene level and the big-picture level. It’s funny how that works: plot points up move your story forward and it’s great. Who would’ve thought?!

I’m not going to end up with as many words this year as I did last year (we’ll talk about that in more detail when December is over), but I did some good writing this year. Spoiler alert: one of my 2017 goals will involve actually sending that writing out. 😮