Wednesday Music: Overture to Bizet’s ‘Carmen’

Dear readers, friends, fellow classical music aficionados: I have exciting news. Wednesday Music is back! I meant to take a short break from it (like one or two weeks), but then that stretched into… quite a long time. Never fear, the best music-related weekly feature in the blogosphere is here again. This week’s piece is the Overture from composer Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen. Here’s a bit about it.

  • Bizet never visited Spain, but he wanted the opera to have a Spanish flavor. He put elements of Spanish folk music into the work, but some scholars say that it is essentially a French opera. (Bizet was French, so that does make sense.
  • The overture has three themes that occur later in the opera. One is the entry of the bullfighters (act 4), another is the Toreador Song (act 2), and the third is a motif that represents Carmen.
  • Since this is the overture, it’s instrumental-only. If you don’t like opera, you can listen anyway without fear of hearing singing!


Or click here to see on YouTube.