Some Christmas Music

Christmas is rapidly approaching (it really snuck up on me this year!), so I have some nice Christmas music for you. And yes, it’s still Wednesday in some parts of the world, so this is technically Wednesday Music! This song is “O Holy Night,” my favorite Christmas song. This is one of my favorite recordings, even though it’s not in English. It’s sung by Swedish tenor Jussi Björling and is called “O helga natt” in Swedish. I wonder if I have any Swedish readers? It’s a pity Björling is long dead—he died in 1960 after drinking himself to death—because he has one of the finest voices I’ve ever heard.

Or click here to see on YouTube.

Oh, and there are English subtitles (I think?) on the video if you want to enable them. I think there are Croatian ones, too, which is really random and probably not of any concern to most of my readers!


2 thoughts on “Some Christmas Music

  1. This is fantastic! I am a collector of traditional Christmas music with unique twists or done in different languages. (I posted a Christmas song a day from Dec. 1-25.) Thank you for this. Great voice. I will add this to my collection.


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