December 2016 and Yearly 2016 Writing Report

It’s time for my last writing report of the year. It isn’t a fantastic one, I’m afraid. I wrote a total of 10,166 words in December, which is an average of 328 per day. Not that great… but better than December of last year, according to my records.

For the entire year of 2016, I wrote 185,950 words in all, which is an average of 508 per day. I guess that isn’t too bad, especially considering I missed a lot of days. I did a lot of outlining by hand this year, so those words aren’t recorded, as it’s quite tedious to do accurate word counts for handwritten papers. Still, I wrote over 222,000 words in 2015, so I’m a bit disappointed my word count went down instead of up.

Like I said, I did “lose” (it’s not truly a loss, as outlining is essential to my writing process) time by writing an extensive outline back in October. I’m trying a new method where I outline for a little bit each day after doing my regular writing so that I won’t have all this downtime. I’m not sure how well it’ll work out, but we’ll see.

Here’s to a fantastic and wordy year in 2017!