Wanted: Blog Recommendations

Hear ye, hear ye, dear readers. I have a request for all of you. In short, I need recommendations of good blogs to read. My reading list has been a bit sparse recently. The bloggers I read now don’t blog every day, so there are some days when zero posts show up in my reader.

I used to read a lot more blogs, but slowly I pruned my list. It wasn’t because I had too many on the list; it was because I didn’t enjoy reading those blogs anymore. For example, I stopped reading Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn blog. I like Joanna and I think she’s a nice person. I read her blog for years. In fact, I started reading it when I was in college and only stopped reading it early this year or late last year (I can’t remember which). As I said, I don’t bear any ill will towards her. It’s just that as time went on, it changed from being less of a writing advice and writing craft blog to more of a “Look at me and my BRAND and my publishing and marketing strategies and yes, let’s talk about BRAND again.” Thanks, but no thanks.

Anyway, hers isn’t the only blog I’ve stopped reading. I dumped a lot of people from my reader. Therefore, my list is a bit thin. And that’s where you come in! Please, dear readers, give me some blog recommendations. I only read English and Russian, so I’d appreciate it if you limit it to those two languages. If you’re reading my blog, you probably know what my interests are, but just in case, here’s some things I like, in no particular order. (You don’t have to limit your recommendations to these, of course. It’s just a starting point.)

  • Russian history, language, and literature
  • History in general
  • Classical music, especially anything violin-related
  • Crafts, especially knitting and crocheting
  • Writing fiction
  • Reading books

Yep… that’s basically me in a nutshell. Bring on the recommendations! 🙂


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  1. Natalie, here are a few.

    http://www.jessstevenhughes.com/blog.html (author; interested in history, particularly Celtic England and Ancient Rome. Has written historical fiction books of high quality)

    Fiction Writing:
    https://ryanlanz.com/ (A Writer’s Path)
    https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/ (K.M. Weiland)
    https://writethroughitblog.com/ (Susanna Sturgis)

    Reading and Writing:

    Writing, travel, cooking, life:

    I love violin as well. I don’t have a blog to follow, but I listen to classical music and violin on YouTube.


    1. Thanks, Eva! Those are some great suggestions. I didn’t expect to have so many already. 🙂 I read K.M. Weiland’s blog regularly (she is amazing!) but I think all the others are new to me. 🙂

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  2. Hello Natalie…

    Thanks for stopping by my website. I share your interests in Classical music and, about anything relating to Russia. Look forward to more of your posts.




  3. Marginal Revolution. (Mainly economics, but also general, and has a general list of book recommendations every week or so).

    Arts & Letters Daily.

    Ellen Jovin Language Blog. (Infrequent posts, but often excellent)

    Archbishop Cranmer.

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