Trapped In Test Land

I haven’t written fiction in almost three weeks.

My apartment desperately needs a good cleaning, but that’s not going to happen right now.

I haven’t played violin in months.

I haven’t worked on my knitting since the beginning of the month.

And I haven’t blogged in forever. I don’t even want to think about how long it’s been since I wrote a Wednesday Music post.

Yes, my friends, it has happened. I thought I’d be done with studying after I finished school, but that’s not the case. I decided a few weeks ago to sit down and start studying for the last exam I need for my professional certification. I’m tired of the whole thing hanging over my head, so I’ve been studying nonstop. Obviously I still have to work, too, so there hasn’t been much time for doing things other than studying, I’m afraid.

There is an end in sight because my test date is coming up. Either I’ll pass or I won’t. If I don’t, I’ll be terribly demoralized and have to study more so I can retake it, but I’m really hoping I’ll pass. Then I can get back to writing, both fiction and nonfiction on this blog.

Until then, the posting here is likely to be sporadic, but I hope to start posting regularly again soon!


10 thoughts on “Trapped In Test Land

  1. Not sure how to contact you, as I don’t use Twitter… But if you’d like to practice and maintain your Russian with me, I’d be delighted… I am a native R. speaker and a native-like E. speaker. I am finishing my Linguistics bachelor level at uni in Sydney. You can find me on facebook or just reply via here. Cheers. Anja.


    1. Hi Anja, I do have a contact page on this blog, but I can see your email address when I log into the admin section of my blog. I’ll send you a note soon (it’s nearly bedtime for me here, so I’ll try to write to you later this week). 🙂


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