The Eclipse!

A sunset on Mars… or is that Earth during an eclipse?! (Just kidding, it is Mars. Source.)

I know that everyone, everywhere in America is talking about the solar eclipse tomorrow, but I’m getting pretty excited about it, so I figured I’d add to the fray.

I’ve never seen a solar eclipse and originally I thought that if you weren’t located directly in the its path, you wouldn’t see much. Well, that’s wrong, based on what I read. In fact, Business Insider has this cool map to show the darkness in different areas as compared to other planets in the solar system. If that sounds confusing, just click on the link, as the article explains it. I do wish I were in the path that would have darkness equivalent to Neptune because I wrote a novel that takes place partly on Neptune. (It’s science fiction.) And that would be pretty cool to experience how light it is on Neptune.

I also found a different map on the NASA website that says I’ll be in the path of 90% totality, which I assume means it’ll be pretty dark where I live. I’m pretty sure everyone in the US will see something due to the eclipse. The degree of how much you’ll see depends on how far you are from the path.

I’m working tomorrow, but I’m planning on going outside to see what it looks like out there. And no, I do not plan on looking up at the sun. I don’t have special eclipse glasses and I think I’d be too scared to look anyway!

How about you, readers? Are you doing anything fun for the eclipse?


3 thoughts on “The Eclipse!

  1. I saw an eclipse with my grandfather in Ontario in the early 1970s, but I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out the exact year. It may have been July 10, 1972 (, since I was quite young and I remember it was summer.

    For eclipse 2017, my brother and son are headed south from Alberta to the United States to experience totality. (I’ll likely be watching through a pinhole camera in Edmonton.) The next eclipse in Canada is on March 8. 2024. A total solar eclipse will be seen in southern Ontario, where my sister still lives. I plan to be at that one!

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    1. Hooray! I’m glad you got to see it. You’re lucky your sister is in the path of totality for the next one. It’s nice to have someone to stay with and not have to worry about finding a hotel there. I know a lot of hotels along the path this time got SO booked up!


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