The Dark Ages

You guys, the unthinkable has happened: my microwave broke. It’s a GE, so that’s no surprise. A part in the door cracked and the door rattled when I closed it. Then I opened it and closed it and the entire door broke. The glass front part of the door slipped down and the door won’t shut.

The good news is my apartment complex is going to replace it for free. The bad news is they don’t have any in storage, so they’ll have to order one and that’ll take several days to come in.

Sigh. I’m stuck back in the dark ages now, everyone. I have to use my stove or the oven to heat up things. The horror! 😉


One thought on “The Dark Ages

  1. I sympathize, we have a GE Microwave that has had a cracked handle for a while. Additionally, the lights beneath no longer work (even after replacing the bulbs). As I am the “super” in this house, I’ll have to replace (2nd time in the last 10 years).

    Желаю вам успеха!


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