A New Mac: An Update

In my previous post from Thursday, I mentioned that I was having some eye and head pain when using my new Mac. Thanks to everyone who commented with suggestions. I don’t think computer glasses are an option at this point because of the expense. I have prescription glasses, so I’d have to buy a second pair just for the computer. When you factor in the expensive high-index lenses I need… well, I’m not eager to spend extra money on glasses!

But I do have good news. I used my Mac on Friday after work and had zero problems. I used it quite extensively yesterday and today as well. And I still feel great. What I did to stop the eye and head pain while using this new computer is dial down the brightness a lot. I’m actually using it at fifty percent brightness right now, which is way dimmer than I ever did with my previous computer. I can still see the screen perfectly fine, though, so it’s working out so far (fingers crossed it keeps on working out!).

I may buy a screen protector, as commenter J.T. suggested on my prior post. I’ve never used a screen protector with a glossy screen before, but I do know many people who have and they say it cuts back on the screen shininess a lot, which is what I want.

I am enjoying the computer a lot. I transferred all my data over and have been listening to a lot of music. Seriously, these speakers are amazing. If you have an older Mac, it’s worth upgrading for the speakers alone, as these are the nicest laptop speakers I’ve ever used.