A Year of Nonfiction?

Last year, I read almost exclusively fiction. Now, I haven’t actually gone back and calculated, but it feels like I read a higher percentage of fiction last year than in prior years. I did read some nonfiction, but those books were few and far between.

Ever since the start of 2018, I’ve had an insatiable appetite for nonfiction. Now, I have read some fiction—by my count, three out of the ten books I’ve completed so far have been novels—but by and large, nonfiction has been holding my interest. Two of the books I’m currently working on are nonfiction, as are most on my to-read list.

I’m not saying I’ll never read fiction again. I’m looking forward to a certain novel’s release later this year (Thrawn: Alliances), so much so that I’m actually counting down the days. But I do wonder what a year of (mostly) nonfiction would be like. Maybe I’d be all nonfiction-ed out by December—though I certainly would have learned a lot, that’s for sure.


3 thoughts on “A Year of Nonfiction?

  1. I rarely ever read anything other than fiction and I feel like I am missing out on some great information and stories just because they aren’t made up or magical. I don’t think I could go a full year without fiction but this year, I’m thinking of adding more nonfiction into my reading habits.

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    1. I agree—I’m not sure I could go a whole year with ZERO fiction. Admittedly, I’ve already read some thing year and I have plans for at least two more novels, if not more. There is a ton of interesting nonfiction out there, though, so you ought to give it a try! It can be just as exciting as fiction. 😀

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