Rain, Rain, and More Rain

We get a ton of rain where I live, but this winter and spring has been a tad ridiculous. It rains multiple times a week. In some places, the ground seems to have become perpetually muddy. As I type this late on a Friday night (I just finished working on some fiction writing), it is pouring outside.

A typical cloudy day back in March.

I guess the good thing about rain is it sounds peaceful at night. And it makes for good reading and writing weather. That’s what I’m going to go do right now: read.

Happy Friday, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, and More Rain

      1. Nope. We’ve been up to 20C below normal with snow here in Alberta. Although snow is not uncommon in April, temperatures this cold continuously are very unusual. Even S. Ontario hasn’t been warm.

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      2. Crazy! We had more snow than usual this year. Two days of it. Which is nothing compared to what you get, but that’s a lot more than we usually have! I think we got about 5 inches on the first day. Usually we’re lucky to get more than a dusting!

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