Structural Editing In Progress

You guys, I’m really pleased with the editing I’ve done so far on this manuscript. This is the one I finished drafting back in February. I let it sit for two months, then dove in to a first round of edits last Friday. I spent the past week just reading the manuscript. I put it in iBooks so I wasn’t tempted to change anything along the way and I took notes as I read.

I finished the read-through today. I’m really pleased with what I have so far. I’m going to add a subplot, probably delete some stuff, and add other stuff. Right now, my main concern is making sure the story is structurally sound. I don’t want there to be any plot threads hanging or anything that sticks out as not making sense.

One thing I won’t be changing very much is the ending. There are a few scenes I plan on adding towards the end, but as for the actual ending scene itself, I won’t be changing much. I’m really pleased about how it wraps up the story. I think it sets the stage for book two (yes, this is a series!) as well.

You’re probably wondering if this book will be published or not. Right now, your guess is as good as mine. I certainly plan on submitting it to agents and seeing if I can get a deal. I have heard that a lot of publishing contracts are quite bad nowadays (some have non-compete agreements, I’ve heard, which is absurd), but some people get really good contracts, too. And while I know that going the indie route (as in, putting the book up for sale yourself on Amazon and other assorted e-retailers) gives you more freedom, there really is nothing like having a big publishing juggernaut behind you.

So yes, I do hope this book will be published at some point. I just don’t know when that point will be. If I am fortunate enough to get a contract, I will definitely announce it on here!


3 thoughts on “Structural Editing In Progress

    1. Sure! Every day, before I start, I go back and do a cursory edit of what I wrote the previous day. Sometimes I’ll catch typos, things I forgot to put in from my outline, etc. Once I’m finished with a draft, I let it sit for a while so I forget about it. Then I go back and read it beginning to end without making changes. I just take notes about what stands out to me. When I’m finished with that, I either start the actual editing in my word processor or do some further brainstorming. My current project required a lot of further brainstorming, so that’s what I did today.

      Do you go back and do a final edit after you’re finished?


      1. Alright. Awesome. We pretty much do the same thing then. And yes, I do. After all of my edits, I reread it, run it through a proofreader, ask my other writer friends to take a look, and correct if necessary. Most of my final edits only wind up with 1 or 2 mistakes every couple of thousand words since I’m very thorough and meticulous. Usually, if someone tells me I made a mistake, it’s because I intended to. My prose style is very ornate so there appear to be a lot of prose writing no-nos but I leave them for stylistical reasons.

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