Waiting For The Ax To Fall

There are major changes afoot at my company.

It’s too bad, really. I thought we were doing pretty well. 2017 was one of our best fiscal years ever, in the entire company’s history. (And we aren’t a young company, I assure you.) But at the end of last year or towards the beginning of this year, we got a company-wide email announcing a restructuring initiative. There’s even a special name for it—no, I can’t tell you what it is. Unfortunately, the name is public knowledge and you could probably find where I worked if I told you. And then I wouldn’t be able to blog at all anymore, which would be sad.

But I digress. As so often happens, the executives are doing a really bad job of communicating all of this, and people are scared. There are rumors flying around the company of whose jobs will eliminated and when. Rumor has it the ax will fall on a few hundred people in the coming weeks. What departments these people work in is a mystery thus far.

The scary thing is this fear has spread to my department, at least somewhat. There are some people who think they’re invincible, of course. But I talked to three other coworkers and they all agree that the ax eventually may fall on our department, too. It probably won’t be until the latter part of the year, but it could happen. It probably will happen.

Sigh. Just another week of Corporate Drama. Who knew the working world could contain such… excitement.


5 thoughts on “Waiting For The Ax To Fall

  1. Ooh yikes. Reminds me of 6+ unhappy years at a particular cube farm. Interestingly, as it got crazier and the people got fewer, the happy hours got better and better. Also once the slack is removed, each person remaining actually has much more leverage, and even more if working together (but never ever admit this) – to achieve some objective, such as getting raises when you would think it would be completely impossible, or getting a particularly evil node in the org chart removed. Being too realistic about one’s perceptions of the situation kindof spoils any possibility of enjoying similarly structured work in the future tho, be warned 😦

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    1. Interesting… I did find out today that a rather large proportion of my team will be out on maternity leave all around the same time later this year. I think things will be a lot different without them around. The good news is my job will probably be quite safe during that period, as they won’t be able to afford to have anyone leave. Now if only I could turn that into a nice raise for myself. 😉


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