My Trip to Tucson, Part 2

Yesterday, we left off when I, your intrepid correspondent, had finished dinner at the fabulous Italian restaurant and gone back to my hotel.

I arrived at the airport feeling a bit morose. I didn’t want to go home yet and I received a rejection for the job I’d just interviewed for the day before. (I did end up talking to the recruiter about it and we had a good conversation, so yay. But that didn’t happen until later in the week.)

I went through security and sat at my gate and looked out the window. There’s a Air Force base in Tucson and I saw military jets coming and going, so of course I took a picture.

I flew through Denver on the way to Tucson, but I was scheduled to fly through Dallas on the way back. As my flight time approached, tragedy struck!

My flight was delayed due to the hurricanes in Texas. It was delayed and delayed until finally, it wasn’t scheduled to arrive until after my second flight departed.

I wasn’t the only person in this situation. The gate was a mess by this point. People were moaning and complaining and milling around. The gate agents told us to line up. I was third or fourth in line and half an hour later, the line hadn’t moved. Eventually, one of the agents told us we could call an 800 number to get rebooked. Most people ignored that but I whipped out my phone and called.

I think calling when I did saved me. I wanted to get home by the next day and if I hadn’t called when I did, the empty seat I managed to get may have gone to someone else. Also, huge shoutout to Christina in the American Airlines call center who rebooked me. As it turned out, they ended up canceling my flight to Dallas altogether, so I had to be routed through Chicago Midway. I live in the southeast, so it was very strange to go so far north and then have to come back down, but whatever. I didn’t even get home that late, I’m happy to say. It was still light out when I drove home from the airport.

All in all, it was a really fun trip. I could have done without the Airport Drama coming home (I may have summarized the conversation quickly, but the whole thing took twenty to twenty-five minutes), but at least I got home in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, I’ve never liked the Dallas airport anyway. I find it very confusing. Chicago was a lot more logical.

Stay tuned for another post about Tucson… because I fully intend to apply to work at this company again. With any luck they’ll give me a trip—and a job offer!—next time around.


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