End of the Month

Oops, I forgot to start blogging again after I got back from my vacation. (Said vacation ended about two weeks ago… and I’m already ready for another one!) Well, I am back. I’ve been back and work is… well, it’s work. I went to The Big A (my nickname for the big city I sometimes have to travel to) for one day this week with two coworkers. Alas, we did not stay overnight, so no five-star hotel stories to report to you, dear readers. All I have to say about that trip was it made for one long day. I was up at 5:30 to go meet my coworkers in the rental car, which made me completely exhausted by eight that evening. (Luckily, we were back by then.)

What else has happened? Well, the coworker who didn’t deserve a promotion continues to get worse and worse. Monday this week was a holiday, so we didn’t work. Still, we have a four-day workweek though, and this individual has shown up for a grand total of one day. Actually, it was closer to three-quarters of a day considering how late she arrived. I’m sure she’ll show up tomorrow for our summer team event. She won’t have to do actual work, so that’ll be right up her alley.

As for non-work things going on—there hasn’t been too much. I’ve been editing my novel a bit, but not as much as I would like to. However, I do have a reason: I’ve been gathering materials and applying for a graduate school program that I plan to complete while working. This program is in accounting and would give me enough credits to sit for the CPA exam. I don’t relish all that studying and test-taking, but becoming a CPA is looking like a better and better idea. I don’t expect to be promoted at my company (I’ve written about that already, if you’re interested), but I’m hoping this graduate degree and becoming a CPA will help my career in multiple ways.