To Continue? Or Not To Continue?

…that is the question.

No, dear readers, I’m not talking whether to continue writing this blog or not. I’m talking about a book I checked out of the library last week.

Do I like this book? Or don’t I? That is (also) the question.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ve probably gathered I’m a fast reader. I actually have to force myself to slow down and enjoy books sometimes, as opposed to completely inhaling them. That’s why it’s surprising that this book, The Madagaskar Plan by Guy Saville, is taking me forever to get through. I’ve had it for a whole five days now and I’m maybe a third of the way through, if that.

It’s odd because though I don’t dislike the book, I also don’t love it. I feel completely neutral about it. It is an odd book because though it’s supposed to be a sequel to The Afrika Reich, which I also read, you don’t really need to have read the first book to read this book.

I have yet to decide whether to finish it or not. I keep reading bits and pieces of it sporadically. By the time I do decide whether it’s worth finishing, I’ll probably already be done and there won’t be a decision to make then.


2 thoughts on “To Continue? Or Not To Continue?

  1. Sometimes I put down a book for a week or two if I find I’m making excuses not to read it. There are always a few like that, which reminds me, I have a huge Soviet novel to finish, and It is extremely depressing…so maybe I’m not in the mood.

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    1. I completely understand! I actually ended up finishing the book in question in this post… and I sort of wish I hadn’t. Not that it was bad, but it was just so… bleak. Oh well… I’m back to reading a ton of SF now. 😀


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