Instagram Hiatus

I deactivated my Instagram over a week ago. I haven’t missed it since.

On Instagram, deactivating is not the same as deleting. Deleting gets rid of the account entirely; deactivating simply hides it and any likes and comments you’ve made. Once you log in again, everything reappears as if you never left.

I love taking hiatuses from social media. I took a Twitter hiatus last week. I went back on this weekend, though I haven’t been on that much as of late.

But Instagram stresses me out in a way that no other social media site does—except Facebook. Granted, Instagram isn’t quite as bad, but there’s still that whole “show every perfect moment of my life to demonstrate how I’m doing it all, all the time” aspect to Instagram. I don’t want to single anyone out, but a friend of mine posted a picture of her feet with the Pacific Ocean in the background. It was a nice photo and got a ton of likes and comments. But the whole time I looked at it, I kept thinking of how miserable she actually is because she’s on a career path her parents forced on her and she works twelve hours a day, if not more, and is generally unhappy with her life.

I’m just rambling now. My point is social media posturing makes me stressed. I’ll probably be back on Instagram at some point… but I’m so enjoying my absence I think I’ll stay off another week, at least.

P.S. I wrote this whole post on my phone! I hope there aren’t any typos.


One thought on “Instagram Hiatus

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from but I think I’m more like your friend. IG lately has become my “safe” place- maybe it’s the same for him/her? It’s one place where I can share nice architecture and Russian food and not think about work stress for 5 minutes. (And then it’s back to work stress for 23 hours, 55 minutes but I don’t think anyone wants to hear about that, haha.)

    Enjoy your break! 🙂


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