Where Am I Going, Where Have I Been

Happy New Year, blog readers! (Those of you who are still out there…)

I haven’t written in a while. It wasn’t a deliberate absence—shortly after my last blog post, I had a job interview. A few days after that, I received an offer. I accepted the offer back in November, quit my old job two weeks later, and moved to a new city in December, right before Christmas.

And that’s that. I’m here in my new city now, preparing to start my new job next week. I’m also preparing to start my (second) masters program. I’ll be studying accounting this time around and even though I’m scheduled to finish in eighteen months, my time in the program is stretching out in front of me in an alarming manner. I’ve already done some of the homework I have due next week (classes haven’t started and they still assigned us homework!) and while it wasn’t too difficult, it’s going to be a lot to manage along with an actual full-time job.

I thought I’d be happy to quit my job, but what I mainly felt was relief. I miss all of my work friends. I did feel relieved at not having to see some people anymore, especially the person who received the undeserved promotion back in April.

In a strange way, maybe I should thank her. If she hadn’t been undeservedly promoted, I’m not sure I would have approached my job search with such… zeal. Now I’m at a fancy company (if you work in my industry, you probably know of it; if you aren’t in financial services, then probably not) with a fancy title and a fancy salary. And the best part? Finally, finally, I am eligible for a bonus. That was one complaint we all had at my previous company: the people who did all the work (my peers and I) weren’t bonus eligible, but the people who didn’t do nearly as much work were.

Now, let’s just hope the random on-campus orientation I have to attend this week doesn’t drive me completely nuts before I start this new job…


2 thoughts on “Where Am I Going, Where Have I Been

  1. Sounds like you’re going into 2019 with lots of exciting new stuff on your plate. 🙂 Hope you have a great year and still have time for some knitting every now and then! Any plans to keep reading in Russian this year?


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