I Will Survive

I’m back, everyone. I actually got back in town last Sunday (I was at the random on-campus orientation for my graduate program), but last week was such a whirlwind I had zero time to write.

You see, there are four start dates each year for my program. I’m in the January cohort (as you probably guessed), but there’s March, July, and September cohorts, if I remember correctly. Out of all of those start dates, guess which one has classes start immediately after the on-campus orientation? That’s right, the January cohort, i.e. the one I’m in. While all the other people starting later in the year will have a week to rest after the orientation before classes start, I did not. I had my first class on Monday night about twenty-four hours after returning home, then another on Wednesday night.

The Wednesday class is every week, while the Monday class is every other week. I’m glad it worked out that way because the Wednesday class is actually really, really hard. I spent all of yesterday evening and today working on material for the upcoming session on the 16th. It wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have to, you know, go to work during the day. More precisely, I have to go to work at a brand-new job I just started! If I had the energy, I’d insert the face palm emoji right there…

Anyway, last week was crazy. I wasn’t sure if I liked the job at first (I think I’m liking it better now), but managing a job and this graduate program is going to be ridiculous. I haven’t knitted or written any fiction at all this year, and sadly, it looks like that will be the case for the entire year. I really hope things will slow down and go back to normal once I finish my program—but that one be for another year and a half. Insert anguished emoji here…


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