Language Lust

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Since I talk about languages so much, I figured it would be good to have a page concerning the languages I study, have studied, and want to study in the future.

Languages I currently study

English. My mother tongue and one of my favorite languages in the entire world. It’s the language I use with most of my friends and family. After going through a strange phase in which I lamented being a native English speaker (I later figured out my issue was with monolingualism, not English per se), I rediscovered my passion for English. It is a wonderfully rich language due to its Germanic and Norman influences, which usually means there is a very precise word whenever you want it. I have a pretty decent vocabulary because I read so much and I want to focus on expanding it.

Russian. My main foreign language right now and the language I speak best after English. Since learning Russian after enrolling at university, I have been able to learn about an entirely different culture and meet so many wonderful people, as well as read world-class literature in the original. I love Russian so much that I cannot truly express this love in words. I firmly believe that to learn a language, you need a very strong motivation, which usually comes in the form of intense love bordering on obsession, or money. The former is the case for me. Russian and I have an intense emotional connection and I am so happy to know this language.

Languages I have studied

French. French and I have a love-hate relationship. It was compulsory when I was in elementary school (no, I didn’t live in Canada; my school was just really posh and required everyone to study it) and I didn’t always like studying it. Since I was so young, I had almost perfect French pronunciation, but I can’t really speak it at all now (I haven’t studied it since grade 5!).

Spanish. I took Spanish in middle and high school (grades 6 through 11), then stopped. I actually knew a decent amount of Spanish, but have basically forgotten most of it. That’s just sad. I would like to return to Spanish at some point – it is different enough from Russian that I don’t think I will confuse the two.

Ukrainian. Of course, it is similar to Russian, but has enough differences that I would need to study it for a while to actually be fluent. I have studied it a bit on my own and worked on it sporadically. Right now, I can actually understand Ukrainian quite well, but can’t really speak it. Since I’m worried about confusing it with Russian, I have no plans (as of right now) to study this language.

Languages I plan to study in the future

Serbian. I love this language so much. Admittedly I have no real use for it, but I am interested in the region and I really, really want to learn it. In fact, I tried to do so once, using a proper textbook and everything, but it began to interfere with my Russian, so I stopped. Someday I will return to Serbian, though. Perhaps sooner than I think, since I cannot seem to stay away from studying this region of the world.

Afrikaans. The latest addition to languages I attempted to learn. I discovered this language while reading a blog entry (this one, to be exact) and wanted to study it. Unfortunately, other stuff in my life got in the way of studying it and as of right now, I am not studying Afrikaans, nor do I know when I will be able to do so in the future.

Danish. Basically, I think Danish sounds really cool. Enough said. I’d love to learn to speak it, even at just a basic conversational level.