I’m happy to say that I was able to knit this evening after all! Look at my pretty purple shawl.

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It’s been slower going than I hoped, but I’m getting there!


Yarn Bomb!

This weekend, I decided to organize my yarn collection, once and for all. I don’t have a ton of yarn… but I don’t exactly have a paltry amount, either.

This was the result when I had all of my yarn out in my living room.

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Now, I know this isn’t a yarn bomb per se, but it does look like part of a yarn shop exploded there.

So yes, I did organize my yarn. I allocated some of it to patterns I want to make. (I have a bad habit of buying random yarn I like without a specific pattern in mind, which leads to the yarn just sitting around and accumulating without being made into something.)

I also made something last night. Yes, this cowl can be made in an entire evening, it goes so quickly. It’s crocheted, which helps. I crochet a lot faster than I knit!

It reminds me of the desert!

We had off from work on Friday due to snow. The snow was so beautiful that I went outside to admire it. We had a good 3-4 inches, from what I’ve heard. Of course, it’s almost all melted now, but it was gorgeous on Friday.

Everything I Love About My New Job

I’m happy to say that the new job I started back in March is going amazingly well. I expected it to be good, but it’s been better than good. It’s awesomely, amazingly good. Here’s a list, in no particular order, of everything I love about it.

  • My department is professional and refreshingly normal. No nonsense is tolerated: excessive personal phone calls, rampant visible tattoos (we’re not an industry that’s really into tattoos and weird piercings), and long periods of just not working.
  • I actually have things to do. They give me work to do, I do it, and if I finish sooner than expected, there’s always something else for me to do. It’s awesome.
  • My manager is really, really good. We talk almost every day, even if it’s just a brief chat and some small talk. He sometimes comes over to say hi when I’m at my desk. At my previous job, I could go weeks without even speaking to my manager.
  • My coworkers are SO nice. And they’re very competent, too. (Being competent is one of the highest compliments in my world, so trust me, this is a very good thing!)
  • Everyone at the company is nice, even random people I meet on elevator rides. Overall, morale at the company is pretty high.
  • Did I mention all the interesting projects I’ve been able to work on? I haven’t been at this job for very long, but I’ve already worked on so many interesting things and I love it!

Seriously, I love this job and it’s great! Now if only they’d let me bring my knitting to meetings… I promise I can knit and listen at the same time! 😉

Look What I Finished!

I keep forgetting to post a photo of a crocheted afghan I finished during the first weekend in December. Here it is on my favorite striped chair.

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It’s one of my favorite projects that I’ve done so far. I worked on it steadily for about a year as I watched a couple of Russian TV shows. I’ve already started another project—it’s a green and white dishcloth—and I’ll post about that once I finish it, too.

I Love Owls

I have tried three separate times now to write a book review of a novel I read yesterday, but I cannot seem to do it. Every time I sit down, I just end up staring at the blank screen. So instead I have a photo of my new owl charms that arrived in the post yesterday.

Aren’t they adorable? The company that makes them does not sell to the United States, so we had to order them from the UK.