A Very Knitty Day

I had an excellent day today, dear readers. I spent nearly the whole day knitting. When I wasn’t knitting, I was cleaning (no fun!), walking outside (definitely fun), and trying a new recipe (it tastes great, so that was fun too). All in all, it was a supremely satisfying day. I’m actually considering just not going online that much anymore and redirecting that time towards knitting. Doing crafts is a lot more fun than seeing tweets pop up in my Twitter timeline about the latest inane controversy, or seeing people post photos on Instagram of how amazing their lives are, even when I know that behind the Instagram facade, they’re miserable.

What is not so excellent is my neglect of this blog… I meant to write some posts but didn’t. At least I’m on a big fiction writing streak right now. I have written at least five hundred words every day since August 12. It may not seem like much, but all that consistency adds up. I’ve written two short stories since then! They’re both science fiction and set in the same universe. One of them leaves off on a huge cliffhanger, so I need to write the sequel soon. I have no idea what’s going to happen, so I’m in suspense, too. Sometimes my characters really surprise me.


October Writing Report

Obligatory writing instrument.
Obligatory writing instrument.

I almost didn’t post a writing report for October because it was kind of strange month, writing-wise. I didn’t do much writing that’s easy to record in my writing log. (Yes, I have a writing log. It’s in a spreadsheet—I use Apple iWork’s Numbers but Excel would also work—and it’s awesome.) By that, I mean I finished writing a short story, and it’s easy to track the word count for that. But then I started writing an outline for my next novel. (That, in and of itself, is a bit of a story. Basically, I had a bit of writer’s block and couldn’t decide which of my ideas to outline. Long story short: I managed to make a decision.) I studied story structure and scene structure and character development. As a result this outline has become massive. I worked on it most days in October and it’s still not finished. And I have no idea how many words it is because I outline by hand in my writing notebook.

Anyway, I only wrote 4,730 words in October. That’s 4,730 words in my word processing program (thank you, Scrivener, for the awesome word count tracker thing you have!). If I had to estimate how many words I’ve outlined… well, I think the total word count for the month would surpass 10,000 and possibly 15,000. But there’s no way to know for sure unless I type all of my outlining and brainstorming up, which I don’t intend to do.

I’m hoping to finish the outline in the next week or so. Then, I’ll begin drafting this novel. It’s actually a major rework of a novel I wrote at this time last year. This new version is way better plotted and way more interesting (in my obviously unbiased opinion, haha).

Oh, and that short story I mentioned earlier? I’m planning on submitting it for publication. Of course, if it is accepted somewhere, I promise to tell all of you blog readers. 🙂 Be patient, though. Unfortunately, the writing and publishing world works extremely slowly…

September 2016 Writing Report

Obligatory writing instrument.
Obligatory writing instrument.

Happy October, everyone! It’s finally started to cool off where I live—thank goodness—now that October is here. And a new month means it’s time for a writing report. I’m happy to say that September was a pretty good month for me, writing-wise. I wrote a total of 22,885 words, which is an average of 763 a day. That’s actually my best average this year! I took eleven days off from writing, which is pretty good since that means I had some pretty good word counts on the the days I wrote. (My highest was 3,357, in case you’re wondering.)

I also started working on a new short story at the end of the month (it’s in progress right now and I hope to finish it later this week) that I’m really excited about. I brainstormed the scenes in a different way than I usually do and I feel like it’s a stronger piece already. I plan to submit it to magazines, so if it gets published, I’ll announce it on the blog.

Who’s ready for a busy month of writing in October?! It’s the month before NaNoWriMo, which means if you’re participating, it’s probably time to start outlining…

A Cute Short Story

Sometimes I think the only reason I’m subscribed to Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog is for the free stories she posts every Monday. I like most of her work, but I really like her cat stories. She has one featured this week called “An Incursion of Mice.” Go read it, as it’s really cute. You can definitely tell she’s a true cat lover. And as much as I like “An Incursion of Mice,” it’s not nearly as good as “The Destroyer,” another cat story. (That one isn’t free anymore, hence the Amazon.com link. It’s also a lot sadder than “An Incursion of Mice,” just to warn you.)

A Wake-Up Call: Start Writing!

Author Dean Wesley Smith posted a summary on his blog of his “Writing in Public” project. One year ago, he started writing daily blog entries about his life, routine, what sort of writing he got done that day, etc. The posts were apparently very successful: he increased traffic to his blog and actually got a ton of writing done. Both are admirable achievements.

I confess that I did not read every single Writing in Public post (first grad school and then the new job love to get in the way of my blog reading, you know?) but I did read the summary post. This sentence struck me:

So those of you with day jobs out there, realize and watch that I also function in my life as if I have a day job that takes about 50 hours of my time per week. Day jobs are not an excuse to not write. (How’s that for blunt?)

I confess I have not been writing as much as I ought to recently. Even before I started my job, I wasn’t writing as much as I could have. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time for writing as someone who writes for a living, but I know I can be writing more. And after my short story that I submitted back in February was rejected, there’s no excuse not to write. (I’m revising the short story and its next stop will be yet another well-known science fiction magazine.)

Fellow writers out there: what are you waiting for? Start writing, right now! 🙂